Our Students

There are no specific industry experience or academic requirements for TechFleet students and our students come from a variety of backgrounds. We believe that industrious and passionate people can learn anything.

Successful candidates are inquisitive learners and clear, empathetic communicators. Some applicants have developed a familiarity or interest in programming such as writing code or completely e-learning platforms such as FreeCodeCamp or Code Academy.

Pre-Camp Training

To ensure that students can be successful in our program, we require applicants to complete 90 hours of pre-work prior to being accepted into our program. This provides a solid foundation for future coursework led by our experienced instructors.

Career Opportunities

Our full stack developers are highly sought after by IT employers because of their versatile capabilities and fluency in computer language.


Employee Testimonials

Overall the class was great, the instructor was awesome and the staff at TechFleet truly works hard to make sure you are at your best and are happy! I would recommend to anyone wanting to enter the development field.

Caleb Quinn, Software Developer, TechFleet Grad

The boot camp did an excellent job of changing my mindset form a coder to a problem solver.  Moving forward, this will increase my abilities to workout problems and learn new skills.  The curriculum was extensive and helpful.  Will did a good job of explaining techniques to decipher problems and build algorithms.  I would refer this (program) to any potential programmer.

Wayne Drew, Software Developer, TechFleet Grad