Our Story

Get trained by the IT staffing experts

TechFleet was founded in 2016 by Corporate Elevator, a company that outsources IT staff and provides job placement services to major corporations throughout the central Ohio region. To put it simply, we could not find enough qualified candidates for our outsourcing and job placement firm so we decided to train them ourselves.

Our program offers many advantages for students:

  • A job with TechFleet’s parent company, Corporate Elevator, working for some of the area’s top employers
  • A comprehensive curriculum that produces versatile, highly capable full-stack developers
  • Customized training based upon the specific needs of IT employers you will be placed with after you complete the program
  • The option to defray tuition and pay it back while working for Corporate Elevator



Corporate Partners

What Employers Say

TechFleet and their developers have saved several of our projects when we were in a pinch.  They are top-notch, well trained  resources from the junior to senior levels who have been the difference makers for us on more than one occasion.  I will continue to use their people any time that they are available.

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