If you’re looking for a software development training program that provides great job opportunities and career advancement, TechFleet Academy is for you.  In fact, TechFleet not only trains you, we hire you to join our growing team of tech consultants working at some of the area’s leading employers. The twelve-week intensive software development instruction is designed to meet the needs of top IT employers while providing students with a sound foundation that allows them to keep pace with ever changing technologies and ensure strong career growth.


Get trained. Get hired.

Our parent company, Corporate Elevator, outsources our highly skilled IT staff to some of the largest companies in America, including Nationwide, L Brands and TEK Systems, so we know exactly what top companies look and prepare our students to be competent full stack development professional from day one.

Discover a customized curriculum designed for career advancement.

TechFleet graduates hit the ground running with IT skills that are six months to a year ahead of most college graduates with computer science degrees. Built around industry-leading best practices and frequently updated based upon input from IT employers, TechFleet offers students a well-rounded curriculum that emphasizes problem-solving and development, not just coding. The result is that our graduates advance in their careers quickly.

Apprentice with your future employer.

Our students receive hands-on training based upon the specific IT employer they will be placed with through apprenticeships during the last four weeks our program. This training provides a seamless transition for graduates, enabling graduates to be more productive from the start and assume greater responsibilities more quickly.

Course Content

Ruby On Rails
RSpec-Ruby Cucumber
Command Line Interface Usage

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